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When I drink
the bitter sting
in my stomach,
reminds me
of how I felt
when you left me.
When I drink
the bitter taste
under my tongue,
reminds me
of how I felt
when you stopped
kissing me.
When I drink,
the bitter smell
reminds me
of what your clothes
smelled like
when you finally came home.
When I drink,
it reminds me
of how happy I was
before you broke me.
I remember how good
things tasted
before you made them
bitter to me.

Bitterness by letters-2-myself|tumblr

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Sadness. But it’s not a normal sad. It’s this sadness with a sting of emptiness and the pain of this heaviness that doesn’t go away. I’d call it depression but you said it’s an ugly word. And then all the problems I had come with it. The doubts, all the anxiety, the scars, the weight, it all starts messing with my head until I cave. Then when I cave I wonder if it will ever end and then it just turns into a cycle of me doing it again and again.
(A.) on letters-2-myself|tumblr

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What I learned for 10th grade.

i) People are going to hurt you. They may not try, but they will and it will cut you deep. But you have to learn to stick yourself up and keep going no matter how much it hurts because some people would love to see you fall. Don’t give in, put a smile on your face and keep on going. High school won’t last forever. It’s going to get better soon.

ii) Boys will lie. They give you false hope and they butter you up. They make you feel so special, like you are the only one. Make sure to watch your back to make sure you are the only girl he’s smiling at like that.

iii) Make sure you trust who you love. Don’t give your heart to someone who will only give you half of theirs.
You shouldn’t have to be afraid every time he leaves your sight that he will find someone better.

iiii) People are going to laugh at what you do. Let it roll off your back. Don’t be upset about every detail of life. Learn to laugh at yourself a little.

iiiii) You have to save yourself. No matter how much someone loves you, they can’t save you from yourself. They can help you up when you fall, but it’s your choice to grab their hand.

iiiiii) Best Friends Forever can and probably will change. Those friends you’ve had for years will sometimes become simply ‘someone you knew’. People grow apart, and usually it’s better that way. Some people aren’t who you really think and hope they are.

iiiiiii) And last but not least, if you leave someone, don’t be surprised if they aren’t there when you come back. People get tired of waiting and they won’t play cat and mouse with you forever. Keep the ones you love close to you, and never let them go without a fight.

(A.) on letters-2-myself|tumblr

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It feels like you
are pushing me
off the cliff
of my limits,
my boundaries,
and when I hit the ground
you call to me
asking for more.
(A.) on letters-2-myself|tumblr

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You rarely see
adults writing
sad poetry
like the teenagers
of today’s age do.
I wonder if
it’s because by the time
we get to that age,
we’ve been told enough times
to keep our thoughts
and feelings to ourselves
that we don’t write it out anymore.
And I think
that we don’t write
because enough people
have told us
what we do
is never good enough.
(A.) on letters-2-myself|tumblr

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I’m really sick and tired of people asking me why I’m sad. I don’t know why I’m sad, I just am. I haven’t given up and accepted it as ‘who I am’ like you think I have, I just don’t know what to do with it. I’m trying to be happy and I’m trying to live my life, so don’t sit there and look at me and tell me that I’m not suppose to be this way. Because I know. And I’m actually trying to fix that. So don’t you dare tell me that I’m just accepting it, because I’m not.
Midnight Frustrations by letters-2-myself|tumblr

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